Hereford 6th Form College

Hereford 6th Form College is a 16-19 Further Education college of around 1750 students specialising in Advanced level studies in preparation for university entrance. The music department is a busy one and performs a wide range of music. Every year for the past 15 it has produced a major oratorio, including Verdi's and Mozart's Requiem and Rossini's Stabat Mater. The Concert and Swing Bands have been formed for the same amount of time and regularly perform around the West Midlands. They have toured to Quebec and Toronto, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Paris and Scandinavia but this the first time to Italy. The membership is open not just to advanced level music students but also to other students in the college interested in keeping their instrumental skills finely honed. The Director Of Music, David ventura retires this summer so this is his last outiing with his students.